Check out the article, Interview: Truffles Tap Into the Omega-3 Benefits of Ahiflowers to get the latest on the new Therapeutic Chocolate Truffle- the Oh! Mega-3

Thyme Fries interviewed UliMana Chocolate Truffles new owner, Tonya Bennert, in their Business Profile. "For Tonya Bennert, the chocolate kitchen is like being back on that porch in Kingsport, TN. Her grandmother would be proud."

Shape Magazine interviewed actress Andie MacDowell to find out what she eats almost every day. One of her staples? UliMana Truffles. “They come in ten flavors and are the perfect treat to satisfy the craving for something a little sweet that tastes great and gives you energy!” 

Forbes Magazine named UliMana’s Dark Cacao Truffles as one of the Five Best Chocolates You’ve Never Tasted! “Of the many raw chocolates on the market, I have to choose the Dark Cacao Truffles one as my favorite for its earthiness and dense richness. As it’s flavored with agave, it gives me a chocolate rush without a sugar rush…and the subsequent sugar crash.”