Chocolatier: Griffin Abee

If there's one thing about UliMana Chocolate Truffles that makes it one of the most stand-out chocolates in the industry (besides being raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and absolute addictive deliciousness), it's the people who create it.

One of these unique individuals is Griffin Abee. She was born in Greensboro, NC, and raised amidst a world of plants at her parent’s garden center. Beginning in 2000, Griffin weaved in and out of Asheville, where she continued to find herself at home working among plants, in flower shops, and farming. In 2004, she followed a passion for native fruits and started an edible landscaping business. Two years later she bought an acre of land for her own orchards, planting persimmon, Asian pear, papaw, goji berry, and peach trees. The following years she gained a degree in Sustainable Development from Appalachian University and built a small off grid house on the land.

Griffin didn’t stop at fruit tree farming- a desire to preserve seasonal harvests and a long standing interest in herbology brought her into the world of mead making. Mead is an alcoholic drink that uses honey for the fermentation process instead of grapes like wine does, and often includes other herbs and spices blended into it. While Griffin’s mead dabbling started out as a small batch kitchen endeavor, she now collaborates with Addison Farms, a local winery nestled in the hills of Leicester that would allow her to use their facilities for her mead making in exchange for her help on the farm. She is now on the brink of launching “Alchemy” sometime this coming summer, her own unique mead that focuses on the balance and blend of organic, natural, and wild-crafted herbs and spices that go into it.

When not working on her mead business, pruning fruit trees, or teaching yoga classes to her community, you can find Griffin rolling chocolate with UliMana Chocolate Truffles every Monday afternoon. A veteran “chocolatier”, she has been with with company for two and a half years. And what does she love the most about this work?

“I appreciate the simplicity of the UliMana Chocolate and the raw ingredients, the health benefits of eating raw.”

Her favorite truffle?

“All of them!! Each one that I put in my mouth is my favorite.”  

Griffin lives outside of Asheville with her partner, his daughter, and her dog Fozzy.


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Patty Sammuli

I have only had the peppermint and espresso so far but they are by far the best raw chocolate craving crushers I’ve found so far! I missed coffee and chocolate the most since going raw! I’m lucky to live by People’s in ocean beach which is in San Diego! Peoples carries quite a bit of raw food options and as far as my chocolate and coffee cravings go you win hands down! Although a little pricey for me, it’s not any more expensive than other choices! Thanks for putting the time and love into your product!

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