Admirer: Tania Tengan

Name: Tania Tengan

Where are you from?  Cupertino, CA

Please share a little about yourself! I am a world traveler, healer, artist and mystic. My home is an animal sanctuary, full of rescued exotic animals. Mostly birds and snakes. I homeschool my kids, who are also world travelers. We do opera, travel, heal others and spread compassion wherever we are.

How did you first find out about UliMana Chocolate Truffles? The Whole Foods near me used to carry your products and stopped. Since it is the ONLY chocolate I CAN and Will eat, I started special ordering directly through you.

How long have you been eating UliMana Chocolate Truffles, and what do you like most about them? I have been eating the chocolates for several years. I eat very cleanly and your chocolate meets my standards. It is the only chocolate I eat. I am sensitive to nuts etc. and appreciate that I can eat this product and feel great.

When do you like to enjoy the truffles?  Besides the fact that they are raw, organic and wonderful, I take them with me when I travel. They are my special treat as I do not eat dessert. I never feel deprived when I have your truffles!! I eat them everyday, before 3pm.

What is your favorite truffle flavor and why? I only eat the Coco Nectar Truffles. They are the cleanest and I absolutely love them.

If you could eat your favorite truffle in an amazingly interesting and exotic place, where would it be and what would you be doing? I have eaten your truffles all over CA, through my entire trip to Egypt in March, in Sedona on a retreat, Cancun in April while on a retreat and upcoming, I will be eating them in San Diego, Northern India, Denver CO and again in Egypt, then on to Mt. Sinai, Petra Jordan and Jerusalem. These truffles are seriously my best traveling companions. They are heavy in my luggage, yet I will not leave home without them. They are my only “vice”and a vice I am proud to share!! Cruising up the Nile, eating these truffles was a dream come true. I even ate some while resting in the shade after a meditation between the paws of the Sphinx. I ate some after being reborn while emerging from the three chambers in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Seriously, these truffles go with me everywhere and I look forward to creating more exotic and expansive memories while these truffles are in my bag!!! Yesterday they were with me during opera rehearsal for Madame Butterfly. I lead an exciting life. The truffles are always with me!!



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