Admirer: Lori Meduri

Name: Lori Meduri

Where are you from? I live in Sylva, and I'm originally from Michigan.

Please share a little about yourself! I’m married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I volunteer 70 hours a month for bible education work.

How did you first find out about UliMana Chocolate Truffles? There was a stand set up at Earth Fare and they were handing out samples, and then I started finding out more and more about raw chocolate and it’s benefits.

How long have you been eating UliMana Organic Chocolate Truffles, and what do you like most about them? I’ve been eating them for about nine years. I know that it regulates brain chemistry which helps your mood and helps you stay peaceful and happy, as well as being high in minerals and vitamins, and also helps to speed up metabolism- I’ve used it for weight loss in the past. I’m a vegan and eat about 80% raw so that was another appeal too.

My family has also loved them. When my Mom was alive, (she died at 94 years old), she had two a day for the past nine years. I think it really did help her and her overall mental health, as she stayed really clear minded through her last years. And my sister in Michigan was having me mail her some every month and she was hiding them in her closet from her husband. I guess he can’t eat just one. She called herself a “closet eater”!

When do you like to enjoy the truffles? I have three in the morning with peppermint tea. When someone asks what I eat for breakfast, I don’t usually like to tell them that I eat chocolate for breakfast! But I have it first thing, and then have my early lunch a few hours later. For years I have had blood sugar problems but it does not bother my sugar levels at all- I’ve never had any problem with it. My body breaks it down more slowly and I think the agave helps. The walnuts in the salty nut help too as a source of protein. The chocolates always makes me feel better. Even when I was vegan and would diet severely, not something I recommend, I would have a truffle and it would stabilize me.

What is your favorite truffle flavor? The salty nut- I order about 5 or 6 jars a month! I like all of them though, and I’ve tried most of them. My mom’s favorite was the goji berry, and my grandkids love the goji berry one too.  

If you could eat your favorite truffle in an amazingly interesting and exotic place, where would it be and what would you be doing? I would be in Ireland sitting in one of those horse driven carts on my way into the valley below!  And by the way, I always bring UliMana on vacation everywhere! Running out of truffles is a scary thought...




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