Thank you, thank you, 100 times over, for making a truly aesthetic, exquisitely nutritious, undeniably delicious food without refined sugar or derivative of any kind which, by definition, deducts nutrients instead of adding them. I can eat your products completely happily and with great confidence that there will be no cost or suffering! It makes me happy just thinking about it! I bought your Goji Truffles as a birthday present from another website, but from now on, it shall be solely from yours! Can I wish upon you any more happiness?!?! -Lanna Seuret
Hello, I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful product as raw truffles. I have been a chocolate connoisseur for many years and my favorite chocolate was dark chocolate from France. Since I’ve begun my raw journey, I discovered Peppermint Raw Truffles and Cacao Nib Raw Truffles and I am loving them. Refined chocolate always leaves a strange aftertaste, your truffles are amazing and the only aftertaste is lasting euphoric feeling! Thanks a lot for lifting my spirit each time I eat your wonderful creation! -Angela
I am looking for [the hemp brownies] rather desperately, because I discovered by accident that if I eat some of your brownies right at the start of a migraine, they can prevent the migraine from developing. Wow! What a great surprise! (I had to stop taking prescription drugs for migraines because of the side effects, so I was very happy to find something natural that helps.) If you have time, please let me know if there is a way to purchase your brownies. Thanks for making such unique and helpful products! -Jay (Jacksonville, FL)
Hi! I’d like to order 3 of the Truffle Butter. It’s one of the best foods I’ve ever tasted!!! -Lauren Santa Monica CA
I am a 100% raw foodist who just found your products and I must say I LOVE your truffles! -Darice (gowonderwoman.blogspot.com)
I’m addicted to your truffles. -Colleen (Melbourne, FL)
Hi there! I ordered your products through One Lucky Duck. My 3 kids and I and LOVE them. I was excited to find your website and see all of the other products that you make. -Brigitte (Moore, SC)
I was at whole foods in santa nmonica and sampled your products. They are great as is the attention to optimal nutrition evidenced in your ingredient choice. Well done! -Ashley Koff (RD – LA www.thehealthxchange.com)
[sic] WOW i just 4 the 1st time had dark cacao truffles – 1 of the girls that works in the raw section SUPER highly recommended them to me – i was NOT going to buy them but her enthusiasm 4 ur product inspired me …. i just HAD 2 ! After eating them i was like DAMN NOWAY r these RAW …. they r 2 GOOD…. 2 GOOD 2 b TRUE …so i called ur company 2 make sure and found out indeed they r RAW – i am blown away and so glad i accidentally found your AMAZING FANTASTIC unBELIEVABLE product … this will help with my PMS immensely also I will now have an alternative as well to serve something so mouthwatering GOOD to all my NON raw food-friends Thank you * Merci Beaucoup -Kyleigh Damas