"I just tried your Goji Cherry Truffles and they were amazing!  I normally don't take the time to review grocery food, but these were beyond my expectation!  Thank you so much from Nashville!" - Stephanie N.

"I am on a very restricted eating plan, no grains and no sugar. As a treat, my doctor approved one Ulimana truffle a week, which I taste with a lovely cup of tea.  One truffle from this wonderful North Carolina company is more satisfying than a chocolate bar daily. Thank you for helping make this eating plan more palatable, Ulimana!"  - Deborah

"UliMana is the perfect chocolate.  The perfect amount of chocolate and the perfect texture.  My favorite truffle is the peppermint, there's nothing better than the minty cool taste of peppermint with the bittersweet flavors of the truffle.  I will keep coming back for more!" - Matthew T.