“Food of the Gods”

Where does raw chocolate (cacao) come from?
Cacao comes from the cocoa tree, which grows in the tropics. The chocolate grows inside of cocoa beans which grow inside of large, football shaped cocoa pods.
What’s the difference between cocoa and raw cacao?
The difference between cocoa and raw cacao is that cocoa beans have been roasted at a high temperature, while raw cacao has been cold pressed- allowing it to retain all its sublime health boosting qualities.
What are some of the health benefits of raw cacao?
When we say “Let thy dessert be thy medicine.”, we mean it! Take a look at the various nutritional benefits of raw cacao:

Promotes an overall feeling of euphoria & well being!

What about the sugar content of the chocolate?
We use only high quality, certified organic nectar sweeteners in our chocolate, to leave you feeling guilt free and satisfied.
Our Nectar Sweeteners:
‘Nectar’ comes from the Greek word 'necktar', meaning 'the drink of the gods' (a perfect pairing for raw chocolate, don't you think?). These sweeteners are a safer alternative for diabetics or anyone who wishes to maintain healthier, more consistent blood sugar levels.
Agave Nectar is a low glycemic sweetener and comes from the same plant used to make tequila. It has a velvety flavor and is 1.5 times sweeter than other sugars such as raw honey, allowing for a more limited quantity to be used.
Coconut Nectar is high in vitamins B, C, zinc and magnesium, has 17 amino acids and is also a delicious low glycemic sweetener.
Order today and Let thy dessert be thy medicine."

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