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Ulimana Chocolate Does a Body Good

Theresa Green“Asheville [North Carolina] is becoming as much Bean City as Beer City USA.”  In an August 9th article, the Asheville Scene spotlighted an emerging trend in the chocolate world: small-batch, artisan methods of production. At the forefront of this revolution is Theresa Green, Ulimana’s very own founder and CEO.

While many of the newer chocolatiers in downtown Asheville roast their beans, Ulimana does not.  Instead, their raw chocolate truffles are made from beans that are dried naturally by the sun in exotic locations like Peru, Ecuador and Bali.

Founded seven years ago, Ulimana was the first raw chocolate company in Asheville. Despite selling its products all over the country and earning the attention of celebrities, Ulimana still remains true to its roots.  “We consider ourselves to be a local company,” said Theresa. “We have a big following here in Asheville.”

Why the big following?  Ulimana’s raw truffles contain phenylethylamine (PEA), the “joy molecule.” It is found naturally and can give you an easy lift when your body is low on PEA. Chocolate, in other words, does a body and a brain good.  In Theresa’s words, “It works on a psychoactive level.”

Here’s to your health.

What Does Andie MacDowell Eat (Almost) Every Day?

Andie MacDowellAs part of its celebrity section, Shape magazine regularly features interviews that include short lists of what each spotlighted celebrity eats almost every day. Lisa Ling, Miss USA 2012, and Kym Johnson from DWTS have all done “What Does [insert your favorite celebrity’s name] Eat (Almost) Every Day?” interviews for Shape.

Recently, Shape interviewed American actress Andie MacDowell, star of movies such as “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Multiplicity,” the 20111 version of “Footloose” and the upcoming ABC show, “Jane by Design.”

So, what does she eat almost every day? Steamed veggies, raita, brown rice, pickled peppers and…dark chocolate! “Thanks to all the antioxidants, it helps keep me young! Plus, it relaxes my blood pressure and balances certain hormones in my body,” she says in the interview.

What’s her favorite, you ask? Ulimana Truffles, of course. “They come in seven flavors and are the perfect treat to satisfy the craving for something a little sweet that tastes great and gives you energy!”

Thanks, Andie. We’re thrilled you’re enjoying them.

Ulimana covered by Breathe Magazine

Breathe Magazine June 2012Breathe is a lifestyle magazine for women on-the-go that offers insightful perspectives on health and fitness; food and nutrition; outdoor adventures; and style and living. Ulimana is pleased and honored to announce that Breathe magazine interviewed our own Theresa Green for an article in its June 2012 issue.  The article highlights women-owned, food businesses in the Mid-and South Atlantic; and a food business incubator that helped support some of them, Blue Ridge Food Ventures.

“Blue Ridge Food Ventures is an amazing gift to the Asheville community or to a person who has a creative idea and wants to get their idea going,” recounted Theresa.

For the rest of her thoughts and the remainder of the feature article, visit the June 2012 issue of Breathe magazine.