About Us

UliManaMana, or UliMana for short, was incorporated on July 13, 2005 (a very good day astrologically) and may very well be the first raw chocolate company ever! Our first product Nirvana Manna, now called Maca Manna, was inspired by David Wolfe’s book Naked Chocolate, and was first sold by Nature’s First Law, now Sunfood Nutrition, in October 2005. It wasn’t long after that when our five other products: Cacaoliente!, Chocolate Chai, Cacao Menta, Cacao Kava and Goji Manna were born, one after the other. (We couldn’t help it! Our creative juices were flowing, thanks to all the psychoactive ingredients in the cacao.) Everything made with organic chocolate (cacao) and other vegan, organic ingredients.

Most recently we created a line of raw, vegan, organic truffles that are basically sending the raw food community into Samadhi! (it’s a yoga word that means Enlightenment or Bliss) Okay, so maybe we’re exaggerating a little. They are really delicious and selling like crazy. It’s just hard to believe they’re good for you too! So praise the Cacao God, David Wolfe, and UliMana for these luscious, healthy, mood elevating vegan treats!

UliManaMana: What does it mean?

UliManaMana is a made up name whose origins come from the 35,000 year old Huna tradition, a Polynesian/Hawaiian science practiced by the aboriginals of that region. In Hawai’i, this teaching was originally called Ho’omana (to make Mana or life force energy) and means Empowerment. The people who practiced these teachings and techniques knew that all power and all life force emanated from the One, I’o, the source of all life– the source of all energy.

Uli is the name of the goddess from the Huna science who oversees the feminine domain and is also known as the ‘Goddess of Serenity’. Mana means life force energy. When you have a lot of Mana, (as in ManaMana), you are healthy and vibrant. When speaking the name UliManaMana you are asking the goddess Uli for the blessing of life force energy and vibrant health. We wanted the name of our company to mean something positive and uplifting. So say it often as you eat our chocolate and have gratitude for the gifts bestowed upon you.