Must Have: Ulimana Moringa Truffles

Moringa TrufflesNamed one of the “Best 50 Magazines” by the Chicago Tribune and the country’s “Best Lifestyle Magazine” in 2008, 2009, and 2010, VegNews declared that Ulimana’s Moringa Truffles are This Week’s Must Have. They even invited us into the coveted and exclusive circle of trust:

“Lo and behold, they [Moringa Truffles] are as smooth, sweet, and sumptuous as their un-raw, un-vegan counterparts, providing the perfect treat for a post-meal chocolaty pick-me-up. Moringa, welcome to our circle of trust.”

We’re thrilled you enjoyed our newest addition to our family.

Read the full review on VegNews. (posted by VegNews on May 21st, 2012)